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Seo Onpage Optimisation

Every page created with content can be optimised – by focusing on a single focus keyword – keywords based on research.

We look at all the on-page factors that will increase your website’s chances of performing well in the search engines. Factors such as the SEO title, meta description, page URL, content structure, keyword density, links, image optimisation and much more. In the optimisation of a website page, we look at all the on-page factors.

Optimisation factors we work on.

1. Does the keyword appear in the first paragraph of the copy this enables the topic to be clear immediately. We look at the keyword density, what percentage is it at, is it in the optimal range. The copy scores of the Flesch Reading Ease test. Is the site considered difficult to read? We can implement recommendations on changes to the reading structure. Shorter sentences, using less difficult words to improve readability.

2. Does the page title contain the optimal amount of descriptive characters?  The same applies to the number of words contained in the body copy and again we implement recommendations here. Do keyword or key phrases appear in the subheadings in the copy, which are beneficial to SEO.

3. Image optimisation and alt tags reflecting the targeted keyword, are the image base names reflecting the relevancy of the body copy? Google image search is another benefit of proper image optimisation.

4. Outbound links on the page are another factor in assessing relevancy to the content. Is the keyword or phrase appearing in the URL for the given web page? Is the specified meta description attention-grabbing? How does it compare to the competition? Could it be made more appealing? Does the page title contain the keyword or phrase at the beginning, which is considered to improve rankings? Does the meta description contain the main focus keyword or keyword phrase?

Page Speed Optimisation

Since July of this year (2018), Google’s Page Speed Insights is now one of the largest ranking factors on Google Search. Get the scores on this tool as high as possible and you are guaranteed to improve your rankings and thus drive more traffic to your website. Over the past 2 years, we have become experts at this as we have optimised over 40 websites for page speed.

Responsive Design

Another factor that improves SEO is responsive website design. The fact that a website which is responsive and usable on multiple devices with one URL is a great benefit in terms of SEO. You can read more on website design here.

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